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April Gauthier

Therapeutic Massage Therapist

Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)

Her Story

April has been practicing her passion and craft as a massage therapist since 2015. It has always been her joy in life to help others by using her innate ability to put them at ease. April’s path started at Seacoast Career School in Sanford, Maine, where she learned that she had a natural gift—a healing touch. She excelled in orthopedic, sports, and deep tissue massage. April found it gratifying to provide relief to people with chronic pain. 

April is often told that her touch is much deeper than what most of clients have experienced, getting into places that others have may not been able affect before. Her massages are intuitively guided, as she feels the restrictions that need the most attention. Her approach is orthopedic and holistic in nature. April is dedicated to making sure her clients leave the table feeling they had a positive change in their body.

April is a self-studied student in a variety of health and wellness topics. She loves to share knowledge with people who are looking for resources to improve their overall health. She enjoys building authentic relationships with her clients, who know she has a genuine care for them and their well-being. 

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