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Manual Orthopedic Physical Therapy in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

What Does This Treatment Involve?

This isn't your typical Physical Therapy!  Manual Therapy is a hands-on, full-body approach to Physical Therapy.  We will spend your time in the clinic doing direct treatment, and give you corrective and supportive exercises to do on your own time at home.  Our evaluation will discover the Root causes to your pain and movement impairments.  The hand-on treatment targets resolving the soft tissue, joint, neural or visceral restrictions, paired with balancing the neuromuscular system by activating inhibited muscles and reducing tensions in the overactive muscles.


This is to ensure all your body's tissues have adequate and proper mobility.

  • Joint mobilization & manipulation

  • Soft tissue mobilization & massage

  • Visceral (organ) manipulation

  • Neural manipulation

Manual Physical Therapy With Dr. Kyle D. McIntyre
Dr. Kyle D. McIntyre Performing Manual Physical Therapy


This is the interaction of your neurologic and muscular systems working in proper synchrony.

  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)

  • Developmental movement patterning

  • Nervous system resetting


This is the training that forms muscle memory.

  • Restorative and breathing exercises

  • Developmental patterning exercises

  • Functional movement exercises

Dr. Kyle D. McIntyre Performing Manual Physical Therapy
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