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Portsmouth's Manual Physical Therapy,
Therapeutic Massage, & Wellness Center

Integrative Health & Wellness in Portsmouth, NH



Roots was formed from the idea that people deserve a better option to achieve greater health and wellness.  In the US, the healthcare system is focused on treating the symptoms of the disease or injury state, and only after the disease or injury has taken place.  People are seen as their parts, not as a whole being.  At Roots, we realize this system doesn't really work.  Only when you focus on resolving the Root of the issue, while seeing the individual as a whole, can you achieve resolution.

The concept of Roots blossomed from years of experience in the medical, health and wellness fields.  Roots is a culmination of not only everything that they found works, but also includes what they found to be lacking or overlooked in the traditional health and wellness approach. Not only do we look forward to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals, but to also genuinely improve your life!

Roots is designed to help anyone achieve their potential, whether you are a collegiate/professional athlete, someone who has been struggling from chronic pain for years, or someone who's health could just be improved upon.  Our method focuses on optimizing one's health from addressing alignment, posture, movement, energy, internal chemicals and micronutrients, and improving any mindset barriers to achieving real change.  Overall, when these areas are addressed together you not only see an alleviation of pain, but also a significant improvement in one's function, health and performance.  If you are looking to maximize your health, wellness, and performance then Roots is for you!


What We Are Rooted In...


Its the name of our business and is what we are all about!  Much of modern medicine is focused on treating the signs and symptoms, not the root cause.  Our focus and drive will not only be to provide relief from your symptoms, but to also resolve the underlying driver of dysfunction.


Through their years of experience, the practitioners at Roots have found that a team approach yields the best results.  When practitioners from the same and different fields work together, people not only improve more quickly, but to a greater degree.  At Roots, this is what we do!  We will also integrate with your other healthcare practitioners!


An unfortunate thing is happening in our medical system, patients are getting less time with their providers, or their providers are seeing multiple patients at the same time.  At Roots, you will always been seen one-on-one and for as long as it is required to treat your needs, which in most cases is one hour.


In our medical system, most practitioners end up specializing in a specific area of interest.  They become experts in that area, but not at putting it all together.  As humans, we are individuals that are unique, and are a sum of all our parts and systems functioning as a whole.  The art of treating the whole person has been lost, and thats what we do best!


Your providers at Roots are not only qualified and licensed practitioners, but they are experts in their fields.  You can rest assured, when you come to Roots, your providers are trained at the highest levels in their discipline.



By Appointment Only:

Monday: 8:30am- 7pm

Tuesday: 8:30am- 5pm

Wednesday: 8:30am- 7:30pm

Thursday: 8:30am- 7:30pm

Friday: 8:30am- 2:30pm

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